erotica for women
erotica for women

Erotica for Women

By a sexological body worker

Hi Ladies, my name is Rocky and I create Erotica for Women. Before I share my story, I want to address your common perceptions. If you are looking for that romantic novel in video, with gorgeous people and a million dollar atmosphere, this IS NOT THAT.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of reality (as in TV) where you can watch real people use incredibly pleasurable techniques, and have real orgasms, read on.

I’m not a pornographer. Honestly I find most porn offensive. The illusion that much of the crazy junk you find is supposed to be pleasurable is laughable. I don’t deny that at times, watching it can activate my libido, but I have no delusions that what I see would impress my partner should I want to ‘try’ it on her.

I’m a Teacher

For decades, I have taught rebellious and uneducated young men to remodel houses. In 2000 I was in an auto accident that broke my back and put me out of business. Long story short, I was looking for ways to create an online business. Wanting something both sexy and real, I created a video series called “101 Ways To Drive Your Man Crazy With Your Hands.”

The stories I heard back form my ‘students’ were amazing.

“Honestly, I think I’m connecting with my sexuality for the first time, instead of thinking its only value was for someone else’s pleasure.  Releasing feelings of inadequacy. Allowing myself to receive and experience mutual connection. Rejecting duty, routine, and the need to perform.

Giving myself permission to find my authentic voice, listen to my pussy, and share my desire. Believing that I’m desirable and can enjoy being desired. Learning to savor waves of sensation, anticipation, and arousal. Valuing my pleasure. Trusting intimacy. Inviting mystery, fantasy and surprise. Learning that sex is more than impulse and can be thoughtful, gentle, and unhurried. I doesn’t  have to happen to me, but happens with me.”

I’m finding freedom in knowing my body belongs to me and I’m safe inside my body

Then along the way one brave woman said “hey, what about me?” pointing to her genitals. “Uh sure” I said hesitantly, “but you might have to teach me because I don’t really know if I am any good or not. I don’t get constructive feedback, and I really don’t know if my girlfriend is faking her pleasure to protect my ego.”

“Just do to me, the same kind of thing you taught me to do to you” she said. Now at least 1000 videos later, I offer my services to Seattle clients who don’t have a ready partner to serve them.

Some of my clients ask me to record their session and let the whole world see. They love that I am helping men learn amazing techniques for pleasing women. My newest erotica for women courses are called, “The Best She’s Ever Had” and The Best He’s Ever Had.”

Those videos are the ones that are the most geared to teaching. Many are narrated and the focus is to try new techniques on ones partner.

This page is not about all that. I would love to sell you my erotica for women video courses. And I am certain you would enjoy them. But that probably isn’t what brought you here.

Erotica for Women – Ethical Porn for Women 

Over years of working to learn how to teach sexual techniques using video, I ended up with 1000’s of videos that were not complete enough to put into a course. With some audio dubbing, editing and effort, most could be. Lucky for you it became easier to reshoot a video with good sound, better lighting and modern cameras than edit the ones I already shot.

For a while these videos just sat. Then I started sending them to potential clients (who requested them) who were struggling with their libidos. I was a little shocked at the responses. One woman says she hasn’t been able to have an orgasm in months, emails;

“Hi Rocky – my name is Ashley and I absolutely adore your massage videos. I am in a sexless marriage with a man who doesn’t appreciate me or my body even though I am relatively young and keep myself in shape so I have to seek porn out more often then not to feel romantic and sexy. My absolute biggest fantasy is going to an erotic massage studio but since I live in ******** that’s probably not ever going to happen.

I did find your videos recently and they are an absolute godsend. They are exactly what I’ve always wanted to happen to me and they get me off harder than anything ever has. Now I want more of them. I want to see you use your amazing hands to guide more women to the promised land. Is there any way I could pay you to access more of your videos?

I signed up for for the two videos packages you offer but I know from reading your site you have many many more and I’d totally be willing to pay you for access to them. I’d even be willing to exchange some photos or videos of myself because I genuinely feel a connection with you watching you lovingly please the women on your table. I really look forward to hearing from you!

I have 3 types of content

  1. Things we do to a woman
  2. Things we do to a man
  3. Things we do simultaneously

Mostly I focus on one participant being the giver and one the receiver. The Receiver gets to relinquish the obligation of simultaneous reciprocation and just completely enjoy the experience.

The giver gets to explore, practice, admire, and bask in the joy of providing “exquisite” pleasure.

You get to watch.

This is a subscription based product. (Not a download) You can watch all you want, any time you want, from any device, (phones may be slower) and cancel any time.

Folks that would like to watch Best He’s / She’s Ever Had but don’t want to invest in that package, can watch these videos and get lots of ideas to try. What is not included is my most current videos in my newest studio or the narration that is present on some of my latest work, or the written instruction, that comes with my latest videos.

Subscribers to the “Hot Couple” package will receive 1 video a month from Best He’s / She’s Ever Had along with all the details.

How to Make a Women Cum

Online educational course on How to Make a Women Cum

I am now equipped with plenty of education when it comes to how to make a girl cum. I’m really excited to practice with a woman and show off my new skills. This video course is incredibly thorough, and taught me so much.

How To Use A Bullet Vibrator

How To Use A Bullet Vibrator

My mind was blown! The introduction of the toys gave me the most powerful series of orgasms. Suddenly my body came alive with pleasure and I was feeling things I hadn’t felt in years. I absolutely loved everything my husband learned in the video series, but especially the one on how to use sex toys. I’m so happy we had that experience.

Sexual Massage Videos

Male for Female instructional Sexual Massage videos course

I was beyond excited to try the new sexual massage skills I learned with my wife. I couldn’t wait to get her feedback on the various techniques, and to learn which parts of her body elicited the greatest pleasure response. I knew she would be really stoked to learn that I had some new techniques in my skill set. She is always enthusiastic about trying new things in the bedroom.

Instructional Sex Videos

instructional sex videos for men to learn to be better lovers

I set a date with the woman I was interested in, and I felt like I was able to really impress her with the ways I touched her. I could tell that her pleasure was genuine, and I felt proud for how much I was able to knock her socks off. I’m thankful for this sex ed course, that’s for sure!

Softcore Sex Relationship Video

Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses

I was beyond excited to check out the rest of the softcore videos in the course. There were sure to be a lot of examples of really sexy orgasms that were genuine. I absolutely love watching a woman’s body for pleasure cues, and this course gave me so many opportunities to view that. I highly recommend it.

Tips For Anal

Female sensual or erotic tips for anal

Following along with the video was sexy as hell, and I am hoping we will keep doing it in future pleasure sessions with the other videos. We learned so much about anal training. We’ve needed some new material for our sexy time, and I was completely thrilled with our first experience.

Anal Massage

Sensual and erotic anal massage instructional video course

I felt like a boss for giving her such an incredible time, and I think anal fingering will become a regular thing in our sexual escapades. There is so much more to explore and experiment with!

Sensual Massage for Wife

How to instructional Sensual Massage for wife

My husband and I kept watching the other videos in the course and following along, and we had a great time learning lots of new ways my husband can provide me with pleasure. I’m so glad I searched for a video to teach me a sexual massage for her. Our sex life has improved so dramatically. I’m thankful!

Female Orgasmic Videos

Hot sensual instructional Female Orgasmic Videos

I went on to watch all of the other videos on all the other topics, and by the time I was finished, not only did I feel like I had discovered a treasure trove of authentic orgasms, I also felt like I learned an ENORMOUS amount about how to provide better pleasure to women. This was an extremely satisfying purchase, and one that I would recommend to anyone who loves to watch someone in the throes of real ecstasy.

Better Sex Videos

Better Sex Videos

My wife was so satisfied and surprised, she wanted to do it again, shortly thereafter. Nowadays, it’s actually kind of hard to keep up with her. I’m so glad I learned how to be a better lover. A lot has changed – she seems more vibrant and alive. It’s hard to keep my hands off of her. She let’s me know all the time that I am definitely the best she ever had.

3 courses

3 ways to watch

Choose your Favorite Option

Your lifetime investment of $249 (one course)  or $449 for combo package means watch any time, forever, no additional charges after you purchase. Payment plans basically spread your one time fee out over 12 months.

Buy - The Best Shes Ever Had

Lifetime access - $24.95 for 12 monthly payments

Monthly subscription $39.95 - Cancel anytime

Buy Best Hes Ever Had

Lifetime access - $24.95 for 12 monthly payments

Monthly subscription $39.95 - Cancel anytime

Buy Combo Best Hes - Shes Ever Had

Lifetime access - $44.95 for 12 monthly payments

Monthly subscription $69.95 - Cancel anytime

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