Purchase Best Hes Ever had instructional xxx adult videos course
Purchase Best Hes Ever had instructional xxx adult videos course
how to be the best sex hes ever had

How To Purchase Best Hes Ever Had

Let’s begin with what is in the The Best He’s Ever Had


Ladies, I know you are already amazing in bed. But I am going to be truthful with you.

Generally speaking, women aren’t any more skilled with men’s genitals than men are with women’s.

How do I know? I have hired at least 100 women to help me make my videos teaching women, The Best He’s Ever HadVery few women have skills, creativity, or techniques that are distinguishable from any other women.

I’m not here to diminish your confidence or self-esteem about your skills. But if I am not honest with you, I can’t help you.

If you don’t set your ego aside like I am asking men to do, you will continue to think that because you know how to make a man ejaculate, that you are “good” in bed.

Ejaculation is adequate. If you want him to bring quality, you have to bring quality to him as well. And quality is much more than just making him cum.

I’m going to teach your partner how to expand his creativity, skill and repertoire. What I will be teaching him will be remarkable for you.

You will want to reciprocate with something new and remarkable for him like how to be the best sex he’s ever had. Here is what I am telling him:

“Over time I discovered that when it comes to sex, our ego is desperate to hang on to every sexual success to provide us irrefutable proof that we are “good in bed.”

The sad truth is, we are simply lying to ourselves to avoid shame and embarrassment. Because the truth is, in our culture it is very hard to find good, reliable information on what to do to please our female partners.”

It is not any easier for women to obtain good reliable information on pleasing men sexually either.

In 2005 I began filming a video series for women called “101 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy With Your Hands.”

The women who helped me film the series tried it at home on their partners. Soon I was hearing stories from these women about how men were buying them cars, proposing, and other game changing situations.

I am going to give you a warning about this content that I so far only have to give to women:

Be careful to not use this material on men that you are not certain that you want to have an ongoing relationship with.

What I teach women is highly addictive to men, and some men will recognize you as a remarkable lover and will not want to let you go.

I know this sounds overconfident on my part, but I am not telling you this because of what I believe. I tell you this only as feedback from the women who use it and tell me how it works for them and how hard it is to break up with men that have experience this material.

In How To Be The Best Hes Ever Had, I am going to teach you Power. Control. Confidence; by way of Presence and Skill.

These are attributes men want you to use in the bedroom. We want you to control us. Just like you like us to control you.

I’m not talking about emotional control. I’m talking about physical control.

In the first Lesson you will be trying things you never thought of trying on you partner. You will be playing his body like it has never been played before.

And there is something in it for you. The more skill and amazing touch you bestow on his genitals, the more he will want to reciprocate in like kind.

This material can spice up your love life in unimaginable ways. But it only works if you are willing to be open to doing different things that our culture and porn has not showed you yet.

I will show him how to not use the porn mentality on you. This will work better for you if you support him by not using the same female version of porn mentality on him.

Before I tell you more, I want to say this.

This is not going to be harder, more difficult, or more work than what you already do. In fact for women, what I teach makes what you get to do easier, and more fun.

You very likely will spend more “time” on your partner, but it will be of a much higher quality. Higher quality time and enhanced sexual quality will very often lead to a more loving and connected relationship. So it is time well spent.

As you learn the material in this course, expect to have your partner become more interested in sexual activities that are about you. This work is very good at opening new dialog about sex and what you want or need.

I’m here to show you some new tools.

Consider this. If you begin your sexual activity at 18 and continue it until age 68, that is 50 years of having sex. If you consider you could easily have sex every day, that provides for the possibility of 18,000+ encounters.

If you are doing the same 1 or 2 or even 5 things, you will be repeating them over and over and over. Even if you only have sex once a week, you can see how monotony can creep into your love life.

This is a very real and common problem for people. Sometimes even “love” can’t overcome boredom. This is what happened to me. I had no diversity. No tools. Nothing new to delight my partner with some creativity and fun in our lovemaking. That led to my divorce.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

When you get my Best Hes Ever Had Masterclass, I will show you hundreds of unique ways to touch your partner that will send his mind reeling. When the more skilled and practiced women do this to me, I have to say I honestly like it better than intercourseand even better than oral sex. It becomes an extraordinary mind and body experience.

I make it really easy to practice on him with what I call “follow along videos.” Simply play the video near your partner where you can watch it, and do to him what the woman in the video is doing to the man in the video.

My biggest challenge with you will be getting you to believe that what I am showing you is so much more than what it looks like. That this is all it takes to please a man.

You will want to do more. My job is to convince you to try what I am showing you, exactly as I am showing you.

The biggest mistake we make in pleasing men is giving too much. Don’t worry, I tell the men the same thing. Ever had a man try to stroke your clit and do it way too hard? It is easy for you to do what I am going to show you, too hard on him.

Over-giving results in a very awkward situation. No one wants to tell the other person “you’re doing it wrong.” Our egos are far too fragile around our sexuality to cope with the embarrassment of inadequacy.

Here is a clue; If you are doing something to his penis, and he wants to change to something else, your desired delivery is not going well. I teach you how to read his penis, so you know more about what is going on with him than he does.

For you, I have put together a bunch of follow along videos – not so much telling you what to do but mostly showing you.

I’ll show you 1000’s of different ways to touch, feel, massage and explore his penis and testicles that will give you an edge over 98% of women right from the start.

I’ll show you how to read his penis, so you are in complete controlBut first I show you what to Not do to his penis, that virtually all women intuitively want to do.

You know how there are some things most guys do to you that you don’t like? We have some don’t likes as well. I’ll show you in the first video.

I’ll teach you why slowing things down will drive him crazy and put you in more control; that he will love you yielding any time you want. I call this “Stimulate, Maintain, Retreat.”

Its much easier than what you usually do, stimulate, stimulate, stimulate. And it is much more pleasurable for him.

I’ll show you dozens of ways to use your hands that will have him ‘peeking’ just to see what you’re doing. Men like surprises and mystery too! Some titles he will love: “Movement” and “Better than a Blowjob”

I’ll teach you what I call “Ejaculation on Command.”

When you decide its time for him to cum, you will have ways to make it happen in seconds.

I’ll also coach you on the things you inadvertently do that can interfere with being able to cause ejaculation on command. Men need a specific sequence for you to be able to optimally control him.

If you ignore the sequence I show you, he can lose his arousal, just like you do when he doesn’t follow the sequence your body needs.

I’ll show you all kinds of ways to read your partner and be more present with his arousal. This is huge for building a bond with a man and growing the love connection.

I’ll show you how to train a man that suffers with premature ejaculation; to control his arousal and redistribute his excitement so he can savor it and last longer.

I’ll show you erection techniques that you can try on partners that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

I’ll teach you about his prostate, the so-called male g-spot and some things he might let you do with his anus and penetration. (Of course, subject to his consent.)

You will get all kinds of new ideas and things you can try on your lover. The huge bonus in this is that as you try and perfect these new skills, you discover that you can create an infinite number of combinations that can provide an endless stream of different sexual encounters over time.

Sex for both you and your partner will NEVER be boring or mundane again.

If your partner likes oral sex and you would like a break sometimes, order now. This kind of touch feels so amazing, when done as intended, I actually prefer it over oral sex. your partner probably will too!

But in combination with oral sex, it is mind blowing. If you get a tired jaw or have other reasons that you would like to please your partner, but with less stress or work, this Best Hes Ever Had course is for you.

This content is truly remarkable. If you follow it as intended, you will enhance your skills by tenfold at least. This will assure that you always have new things to try to keep sex with you creative, surprising and mysterious.

Purchase  Best Hes Ever Had Now now and Rock his world tonight!

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