Sensual and erotic anal massage instructional video course
Sensual and erotic anal massage instructional video course

The Video Series that Taught Me about Anal Massage and Fingering

My wife told me that she was very turned on by the idea of anal massage and fingering. I knew that the anal area could be very pleasurable to touch, as it has so many nerve endings, and I knew from my own experience how sensitive the skin is, but I had never really tried to play around with my wife’s butt.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect her to want to be touched there, because she is quite conservative in other ways, but, lately, I felt like she had been exposing more and more of herself to me, almost like she was unfurling her petals like a flower. She had been sharing her fantasies with me, and she confessed that she was very curious about anal massage and fingering and anal play in general.

I had never really been with a woman who was interested in back door play before, in fact most of the women I had dated previously probably couldn’t even say “anal massage and fingering” out loud. I guess I have had a thing for pretty conservative women. I have to admit, though, a part of me had always been curious about that kind of stimulation, both giving it and receiving it. Some people seem to really take pleasure in it.

I decided I wanted to search for some resources on anal massage and fingering, to see what I could come up with in terms of things to try and some guidance around what to think about or notice while doing it to my wife. I googled anal massage and fingering and found a video series called “The Best She Ever Had.”

This series looked really interesting. Not only did it cover anal fingering and anal massage, but it also covered pussy massage, and even more specifically clit massage and g-spot massage. It also included demonstrations of how to give a breast massage, and even more. I was excited to watch it and learn.

The video on anal massage and anal fingering was so helpful. The instructor gave a demonstration on a real woman, so I got to see very clearly what he was talking about and understand what to look for with my wife. He showed some great, easy, full-body relaxation techniques to get a woman feeling very relaxed and open to receiving pleasure.

Looking to learn about anal massage and fingering?

In watching the video, I learned that what was going to be most pleasurable for my wife was a pace much, much slower than I would have guessed. Watching the woman in the video quaking with little orgasmic spasms with just the smallest touch around her anus was fascinating. I couldn’t wait to try with my wife, and see if I could get such an exciting response out of such a little touch.

I learned that anal massage is not really about repetitive penetration with the finger, the way I imagined it would be. In fact, that can often be too much, and can rob a woman of feeling the individual sensations of pleasure along the area. Too much, too fast, becomes a less pleasurable experience.

I learned just how important lubrication is, and not mixing anal play fingers with pussy play fingers, to make sure that I don’t give my wife an infection. I was excited to give her an anal massage, then play with her clit at the same time a little bit, which I knew would positively send her over the edge.

It was sexy as hell watching the woman in the video have a powerful, full-body-wracking orgasm with anal penetration and clit stimulation. I got excited just watching it, and had to take care of myself. I was so looking forward to playing with my wife that same way.

I invited my wife for a dinner date, and took her somewhere fancy. She had a look in her eye like she knew I was up to something. I told her I had something special for her when we got home. She ordered an extra drink and got a little liquored up. I could tell she had a feeling what she was in for.

When we walked in the front door at home, she draped herself against me and asked me what her surprise was. I told her to get herself naked and lie face down on our bed, and she would find out. She squealed with a little (drunken) excitement and ran upstairs.

As I arrived in the bedroom, I saw that she was lying there ready for me. I drizzled some oil on her body and proceeded to give her a full body massage for about ten minutes. I felt her body relaxing, and could feel her melting into the bed. Her breath slowed.

And then I dipped my hands down along her waist and side of her breasts. Her breathing began to pick up. I reached down and slowly dragged each of her legs wider open, teasing her feet a bit while down there. Then I massaged up the back of her legs, and let her feel the excitement of my gaze on her exposed pussy and ass.

I massaged around her ass cheeks, and the backs of her thighs, occasionally dipping my hands between her legs, from her clit, down her labia, and along the sensitive skin in her ass crack. I gently played with her sparse soft and fuzzy hairs. My wife was breathing heavily now and her hips were rocking back and forth a bit. I played with her pussy gently a little bit, just slowly dragging my fingers along her labia and gently grasping her clit through her labia. With her clit in my grasp with one hand, I started to use my other finger to tickle around the folds of her skin around her anus.

My wife’s pussy gushed on my fingers and her body trembled as I gently traced over her little pucker, the little wrinkles of her skin shooting lightning bolts of pleasure, straight to her clit that squirmed between my fingers. Her hips bucked against my fingers, and she started to moan.

I grabbed the lube and squirted some on her anus. I slowly and gently rubbed it around with my finger, getting the outside of her anus nice and warm and relaxed. When I felt like she was good and warmed up, I put the tiniest bit of pressure on her anus and let my finger dip inside just a millimeter at a time. I made the tiniest movements, moving my finger like the hands of a clock very slowly, and my wife was going absolutely wild.

At this point, I was only about half an inch inside her anus, and I could tell my wife was having an extraordinary time. She could not believe how intensely pleasurable this touch was. She kept telling me how much she was loving it, but she could barely make words. I told her to just relax and be in her body, I could tell she was loving it, she didn’t have to tell me.

I gently squeezed her clit through her labia, massaging her hard little nub between my fingers, feeling it move around like a gummy worm. While still slowly circling my finger in her anus, dipping in just a little at a time, her anus gripping my finger tightly, loving the feel of me inside.

I added more lube to the situation and put a little pumping pressure, very gently on my wife’s anus. I moved my other hand to penetrate her pussy with my finger a bit, while still lightly stroking her clit at the same time. My wife was moaning so much, her body writhing as she was enjoying pleasure with three different points of contact. Plus, I could see she had her nipples in her fingers, so really four points. I was surprised she wasn’t short-circuiting.

She came with an explosiveness I had never seen. It was thrilling to see her release so loudly and fully, and I could tell that the pleasure just radiated throughout her entire body. She couldn’t move or speak for quite a while after. When she could finally talk, she told me that she had just had the best orgasm of her life, and she couldn’t believe it.

I felt like a boss for giving her such an incredible time, and I think anal massage and fingering will become a regular thing in our sexual escapades. There is so much more to explore and experiment with!

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