How to instructional Sensual Massage for wife
How to instructional Sensual Massage for wife

The Video Course that Taught My Husband How to Give a Sensual Massage for Wife

My husband and I had been married for a couple years, and the honest truth was that I was bored with our sex life. I was feeling underserved, as I felt like most of the time we would fumble around a little bit in foreplay, maybe just a couple minutes, and then the extent of our interaction was some quick sex until he would ejaculate… and then we were done. This is what eventually led to me searching for video to teach me a Sensual Massage for Wife.

I used to think that all men operated like this in the bedroom, as I had a history in my relationships of experiencing underwhelming sexual attention with men in the past. I was talking to a friend about my dissatisfaction with our sex life, and she let me know that there were some men who were far more attentive to a woman’s sexual needs. Maybe my husband just needed to learn some new tricks?

Knowing that it was possible, I took to the internet to see what I could find in terms of education for men – how to be better in bed. I wanted to find something that my husband would be excited to learn, without feeling offended that I was not exactly satisfied by what had been going on between us in the bedroom thus far. I was looking for something he would find new and exciting.

I found a website that had a course called “The Best She Ever Had.” This course had a particular focus on Sensual Massage for Wife. I had never really considered erotic massage as a part of our bedroom play, so I was really intrigued when I found this course.

I started to explore the content a bit, and there was so much more than information on Sensual Massage for Wife. There were a whole bunch of videos that include live demonstrations of various pleasure techniques. I felt like I found a lot more than I bargained for. Not only did I see an opportunity for myself to experience sexual massage, but there were areas of my sexuality I had never fully explored that this course provided the framework to explore.

We could begin with something like erotic pussy massage, and once we got comfortable with that, we could move into different forms of stimulation, like breast massage, anal massage, and experimenting with toys and penetration play. I was deeply intrigued by the possibilities.

I decided to purchase the course, then tell my husband about it and get him on board to watch it with me and play along. I was a little nervous that he would be offended that I was asking… I didn’t want him to think that I wasn’t happy with him, just because I hadn’t exactly been feeling satisfied by our intimate connection thus far. I was hoping that instead of being offended, he would be excited to explore something new with me.

Searching for a video to show you how to give a Sensual Massage for Wife?

When I felt like it was a good time, I let him know that I had been fantasizing about exploring new things in the bedroom, and that I was particularly interested in experiencing sexual massage. At first, he was a little hesitant, and he asked if I was not happy with what we had been doing, but once I started showing him what was in the content of the course, he was intrigued, in spite of himself. We started to explore the list of videos, to see what he was most intrigued to learn. There were so many choices!

We decided to start with the basic experience of the sexual massage. We wanted to spend an evening watching the video and following along. I set up a nice dinner for us, so we could get into a romantic vibe, and then we set ourselves up to watch the first video.

The man who was instructing had a woman lie face down naked on his massage table, and began talking about just how important it was to provide some relaxation to a woman before moving into providing pleasure. My husband had always just stuck his hands immediately between my legs, which was never all that pleasurable, because the touch didn’t feel that great when I wasn’t already turned on.

This video made me realize how little touching my pussy actually does for me to turn me on. When it happens too abruptly, it actually does the opposite! It dries me up, makes me feel uncomfortable, and therefore the sex can be quite lacking in stimulation or even not enjoyable.

This was something totally different. I laid down on our bed naked and let my husband give me long, slow relaxing strokes along the length of my body, waking up my pleasure sensors in all of my skin, and encouraging me to fully relax. I tried to bring my awareness to my body, really drinking in the feel of his touch and allowing my body to respond naturally. Before I knew it, warmth was building between my legs. I was amazed! Just a little intentional touch from my husband, some loving and relaxing touch, and I was feeling warm and tingly in ways I had not in a long time. I was excited to receive this massage.

As the video continued, the man demonstrated how to begin occasionally teasing, to build the intensity of the pleasure in a woman’s body. I kept my focus on what was happening with my body, allowing my brain to delight in the variety of sensations. My husband would occasionally dip his hands down along the sides of my breasts and my waist.

His fingertips would find my nipples a little bit. He would trace his fingertips along my butt crack, stimulating the sensitive skin there. The amount of pleasure I felt in that area, just with the light and slow touches, blew my mind. He dipped his fingers between my thighs, tracing the crease between my thighs and my pussy. My whole body shuddered in response.

I could tell my husband was getting excited by my obvious excitement. As he massaged my hips and my butt, his fingers kept finding my pussy lips, and he could feel the little trickle of moisture that was flowing from me. I was extremely turned on. We had had to use lubrication so much for sex, because I was rarely actually organically turned on! This was an amazing difference.

My husband asked me to roll over onto my back at the same time the instructor in the video asked the woman in the video to roll over. My husband went back to long slow strokes along the length of my body, and then he pulled my feet wider apart, exposing my pussy to his view. He massaged up the length of my inner thighs, lightly grazing my pussy each time, making my juices flow even heavier.

He then abandoned my pussy and moved up to pay some attention to my breasts. I stayed focused on the sensations he was creating, and felt the level of pleasure building in my body. He caressed the sides and the undersides of my breasts, softly stroking the flesh there. He played around with different stroking, tweaking and twisting techniques on my nipples. Occasionally, he would reach down with his other hand and tickle my clit. I was starting to lose my mind in anticipation of the orgasm that was coming.

Finally, he moved down to sit by my hips and used both of his hands to play with my pussy. One of his hands was focused on my clit – on stroking, grasping, pinching, and tweaking my clit, watching my body’s responses to what was really working for me. His other hand was busy exploring the entrance to my vagina. I was so wet, he needed no lubricant, as he slowly dipped his finger inside me, little bit by little bit.

His exploration was so slow. It was hard for me to be patient as I felt my orgasm build. The instructor in the video kept talking about the importance of making a woman wait, and I was practically getting annoyed with him. I was ready for my pleasure explosion.

When my husband found a rhythm and pressure I seemed to respond to most, he kept with it until I came explosively. It was honestly the biggest orgasm I had ever had, and it was certainly the best one I had had with my husband. It was so satisfying.

My husband and I kept watching the other videos in the course and following along, and we had a great time learning lots of new ways my husband can provide me with pleasure. I’m so glad I searched for a video to teach me a Sensual Massage for Wife. Our sex life has improved so dramatically. I’m thankful!

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