Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses
Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses

The Best Softcore Sex Relationship Video Course on the Internet

As a woman, it can be really challenging to find Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses that appeal to me. There are plenty of hardcore options out there, in which women are basically regarded as sexual objects, but there are so few options available that are actually focused on a woman’s genuine pleasure. Most erotic videos online do not treat women very well, and that doesn’t really turn me on.

I like videos that are centered on women’s pleasure, that include women with real, realistic bodies. I can tell the difference when a woman is faking an orgasm. Her body just doesn’t exhibit the same cues. There is nothing that turns me on more than watching a woman in the throes of real pleasure, her body twitching and trembling, reddened with blood flow, her breathing rapid and intense. I enjoy watching real orgasms, and I hate it when I can tell a woman is faking it.

I was hunting for some new Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses to view when I stumbled across a guy who has a course called “The Best She’s Ever Had.” Apparently, this course was a series of videos that featured real women being pleasured in a creative variety of ways to the point of an explosive orgasm. I was really excited to check it out.

There were videos that demonstrated a good number of things. There were videos that focused on a basic erotic massage for women. There were other videos that focused on other pleasure techniques, like breast massage or anal massage. There were videos that were specifically focused on g-spot stimulation or clit stimulation. What this series mostly promised, was that the pleasure demonstrated in each video was real, as were the orgasms.

I had been looking for new Softcore Sex Relationship Video Course to add to my collection for a while, and I was so excited to find a series that I could dig into for a while. I loved to watch the videos and touch myself while absorbing other women in their pleasure. I couldn’t wait to get into my usual ritual with this series.

For starters, I was most curious about the basic erotic massage videos. I decided to start there, as they promised to be a good foundation to build on. I was excited because, not only was I going to be able to get off on real women’s pleasure with this series, but I was also going to be able to learn some things about effectively pleasuring women. This also intrigued me!

Searching for Great Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses to view?

I got myself set up to watch the first of the softcore videos. I chose a basic erotic pussy massage to get me rolling. There was a male instructor, and he asked his female participant to lie naked face down on a massage table. He started off by massaging her whole body with long, sweeping strokes. I could tell just based on this approach alone that the pleasure demonstrated in this video was going to be real.

I started the first video, a basic yoni massage. The video began by introducing the concept, and sharing about how the whole point of a yoni massage was to cater completely to the desires of a woman. This meant that if the instructor of the video was aroused, he wasn’t going to do anything about it. The session was meant to be completely focused on feminine pleasure.

This concept made me so hot. It was so rare to find softcore videos focused on feminine pleasure. The concept basically didn’t exist! Almost all pornography and sexual content in existence was focused on masculine gratification. To find videos entirely dedicated to feminine pleasure felt like an absolute miracle.

The instructor had the woman lie face down nude on a massage table. The first twenty minutes or so of the video were focused on giving pleasurable non-sexual touch to the woman, so that she would completely relax and energetically inhabit her body. It was pleasurable just to watch her melt into the table, her breathing growing deeper.

When she was completely relaxed, the instructor explained how he then would begin to add teasing touches into the massage, swooping his hands across the sides of her breasts, or dragging them through her butt crack, tickling the tiny hairs along that sensitive skin. It was a huge turn on to watch her body slowly awaken, twitching and shuddering in response to various touches. I could tell that the strategy of relaxing her fully had allowed her pleasure to intensify significantly.

It wasn’t only the way a woman’s body moves when she is experiencing pleasure that I enjoy. I also love the way she vocalizes. The pleasure begins to escape her body on her breath. She can’t help but moan when the pleasure becomes too much.

I could already tell that this video series was comprised of exactly the kind of Softcore Sex Relationship Video Course videos that I enjoy. This was real pleasure, demonstrated in real time. I absolutely loved all the ways that her body exhibited her ecstasy. All the little physical cues, and in this video, the instructor was pointing out and discussing all of them, further proving that the pleasure was real. I was in heaven.

Because I knew the pleasure was real, I was able to become fully invested in what I was watching. This is the beauty of softcore videos. The ability to connect to a real situation emotionally is often an ingredient that so many women are missing. Watching this video, I felt like I wanted to share it with my friends.

After teasing the woman for a while, the instructor asked her to roll over onto her back. He spread her legs open wide on the table, exposing her pussy to view. I could tell based on her body language that this move alone was a huge turn on for the woman. He then spent some time massaging and teasing her feet, running his fingertips between her toes, clearly poking the spots that had a direct link to her clit. It was so fun to watch her body writhe and her hips rock on the table.

He massaged his way up the front of her legs, dipping in between her thighs, tracing the crease of her inner thighs. He bypassed her pussy temporarily and made his way up to her breasts. Her breasts were clearly so sensitive, she almost came as he was stroking the skin of her outer and under breast, and then even more intensely as he stroked up and down along her nipples. As he played with her nipples, he reached down with his other hand and tickled her clit, causing an absolute tidal wave of pleasure to wrack her body.

After teasing her relentlessly, the instructor finally brought his full attention down to her pussy, intending to bring her to orgasm. I was absolutely transported, watching how her body was coursing with an intense level of sensational pleasure, built up inside of her and begging for release. This was the most obvious build up of a climax I had ever seen. The orgasm in this video could not possibly be faked, because the body cannot lie when it comes to those cues.

Finally ready to allow her to climax, the instructor brought his full attention to her pussy and grasped and tweaked her clit with one hand, while slowly exploring the entrance to her vaginal opening with the other hand. He doused her in lubrication, and moved at a very slow and gentle pace, allowing most of the sensation to happen based on contact alone, and not depending upon friction.

The woman rocked her hips and pressed herself up against him and drove herself into an incredibly powerful climax. She practically screamed, completely bowled over by the intensity of the orgasm. I was completely enthralled by the sheer degree of power in her pleasure explosion. These Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses were legit. The pleasure was so real. And it was so feminine focused.

I was beyond excited to check out the rest of the Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses in the series. There were sure to be a lot of examples of really sexy orgasms that were genuine. I absolutely love watching a woman’s body for pleasure cues, and this course gave me so many opportunities to view that. I highly recommend it.

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