My Husband Has Lost Interest In Me Sexually
My Husband Has Lost Interest In Me Sexually

My Husband Has Lost Interest In Me Sexually – Will Yoni Massage Help?

My husband has lost interest in me sexually, and I’m wondering if yoni massage will help us to reinvigorate our sex life. For a long time now, our sex life has been very distant, and whatever action did manage to take place, was quite repetitive. We were bored, and he was clearly feeling demoralized. He barely ever tries to make things happen these days. It makes me sad.

I had been unhappy about the distance between us, the way my husband has lost interest in me sexually, for some time, and had been looking for something to bring us back together. I discovered yoni massage through the website of a yoni massage practitioner who offers courses on pleasure.

I told my husband that I wanted to take some measures to resolve our issues in the bedroom. I told him I wanted to look into yoni massage, and some of the other pleasure resources on this website that I found.

Have you been thinking – my husband has lost interest in me sexually?

We took to the internet to find some resources or a teacher to teach us about pleasure. Our search took us to a site that had two options available – there was a series called “The Best She’s Ever Had,” and “The Best He’s Ever Had.” We purchased both, and we were excited to learn a variety of new things to try in bed together.

I was particularly excited, because I knew that this exploration opened up a conversation for us in which we could discuss our more kinky desires. I had always been pretty straight-laced in relationships, sexually, but there has always been a big part of me that desires to explore in some more taboo sexual spaces. I was excited to learn that my husband was open to exploring such things together.

The two video courses we purchased had so many options of things to watch. My husband and I decided we were going to watch a few foundational videos together, before deciding what to practice together first. We looked through the list of options and chose to watch the basic erotic pussy massage video first, and then the video on how to give great handjobs.

We got all snuggled up in bed together and turned on the first video. The instructor was demonstrating on a real woman, and it was pretty hot to watch the woman’s body respond to his touch. It was also pretty sexy to hear the man giving instruction while he was stimulating the woman. It was a bit of an interesting twist on dirty talk.

The instructor talked about the importance of going slow and adding plenty of variety when providing pleasure. Right away, something that was really different from how we usually did things was that he made sure to pay attention to the woman’s entire body. He talked about how this helped to awaken the body’s pleasure centers, and dramatically increased the amount of pleasure a woman can experience.

When my husband and I would get down and dirty, we would usually just go straight for each other’s sweet spots and only pay attention to them. I was really excited by the idea of expanding our pleasure territory by including other parts of our bodies. It sounded really sensual and really enjoyable. I was already feeling really inspired by the new things to try in bed that we were learning!

Once the instructor had the woman fully relaxed and enjoying his touch, he started to model all the little teasing touches he incorporates into a full body massage, and it was really titillating to watch how the woman’s body responded. She started writhing a bit on the massage table, and her body would tremble when he touched certain places. My pussy got juicy, watching this and thinking about my husband teasing me the same way.

The instructor had the woman flip over onto her back, and he opened her legs wider, exposing her pussy. After spending some time focusing on her breasts and her nipples, he moved down to focus his attention on her pussy. I watched my husband watch intently, while slowly stroking his own cock, absorbing all the different ways the instructor was demonstrating stimulating the woman’s clit, her labia, her vaginal opening, and her g-spot. My pussy gushed while I got excited about receiving such attention.

Looking for videos with new things to try in bed?

The woman on the massage table was clearly enjoying herself, and when the instructor finally felt like he had teased her and edged her enough, he showed how to follow how her body was wanting to receive more concentrated attention in the form of pressure and a bit of friction, and she rocketed into a huge climax. My body rippled in sympathetic pleasure, so excited to experience an orgasm like that.

After we watched the one about her pleasure, we switched to the video on handjobs, so I could learn more about how to pleasure him in fun ways. The beginning was a bit different, in which it was emphasized how men can enjoy more direct genital stimulation, albeit very softly and slowly. The man receiving the massage on the table was clearly relaxed, and there were similar teasing touches demonstrated.

One thing that had never occurred to me is that my husband might find it pleasurable for me to massage his feet or to play with his hair. These courses actually made me realize pretty clearly just how much I had neglected the rest of his body during our sexy times. I had been so focused on his cock, that I pretty much forgot that the rest of him existed. It had also never occurred to me to gently tease my man by lightly playing with the skin in his butt crack. Watching the man on the massage table respond to this touch was totally thrilling.

I was fascinated at how long the woman could touch the mans cock before he got hard. I thought it was all about getting him hard and going for ejaculation. But seeing this man in such pleasure just having his penis touched in this soft gentle way, really excited me. When the man was finally hard, the woman teased him for quite a long time. I don’t want to spoil your discovery, but I have a newfound interest in edging and control now.

Finally, I got to see all of the tips and tricks demonstrated of hand techniques on his penis. I would occasionally look at my husband (or grope him) while watching, all of the different options that were available for stimulating is cock.

From playing with his balls, and the variety of ways to tease that area, to teasing his taint, or even around his anus to add more intensity to the pleasure he was experiencing around his cock. There were lots of hand techniques demonstrated, how to stimulate his shaft and his head in different ways. At this point, my husband and I were both touching ourselves, and occasionally teasing each other, as we watched.

After watching the man on the massage table have a massive ejaculation, my husband and I felt like we were ready to have some playtime of our own. With our new tool set available, we had the most incredibly satisfying romp between the sheets. I had an earth-shattering orgasm, and after giving him a deliciously erotic massage, he finished in my mouth. It was incredibly hot.

We went on to watch some of the other videos in the series, and allowed them to guide our erotic adventures. One of the most exciting discoveries was how much we both enjoyed anal stimulation. We would never have figured out how to go out about exploring that together on our own, and it was so nice to have something to watch and to guide us and learn from. It took all of the anxiety and awkwardness out of the situation and helped us to keep things sexy while we played.

Being more in touch with our kinkier sides has brought us closer together in a way that has dramatically improved our sex life. We are both clearly excited to come together and play more often, and our intimacy has never been better. I used to feel like our sex life was dry and dull, and super repetitive. Now we have so much territory to play in, we are never even close to bored.

There are always new games and techniques to explore. The video I am looking forward to next is the one about playing with sex toys. We have so many new things to try in bed, but we have a trip to the toy store to make first! I definitely no longer think that my husband has lost interest in me sexually!

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