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I Was Looking for Good Handjob Instruction and Found So Much More

I was looking for handjob instruction to teach me how to get better at giving hand jobs, and what I found was so much more! I didn’t have much experience being intimate with men, and I wanted to have some idea of what I was doing before getting involved with a man I really like. I didn’t want to seem like I had never done anything like that. I didn’t want to feel so awkward.

The video course I found online had so much more than just handjob instruction with demonstrations to help me learn how to do that better. The course was called “The Best He Ever Had” and it covered so many topics when it comes to pleasure a man. There were handjob videos, and blowjob videos and anal massage and full body erotic massage for men. There were also tips on having sex. I got so much more than I bargained for in this course!

When I first purchased it, I was really excited, because I hadn’t attempted to teach myself something like this before trying it with a real man before, and I found the idea of learning from an instructor online to be quite titillating. I had a feeling that I was going to feel very turned on while watching the videos about pleasuring men. I was intrigued.

I decided to watch the handjob instruction first. Watching the video, I learned all kinds of things that I knew would help me pleasure a man. I learned how to go very slow, and incorporate other parts of his body. I learned how to play with the different parts of his penis in lots of pleasurable ways. There were different stroking techniques and I also learned it helps a lot to use a lubricant.

What I was surprised by was how much I was turned on by watching the man receive pleasure in the video. One of the most important parts was learning how to recognize pleasure responses, and so a lot of the video was focused on how the man was responding to the pleasure. That was hot. It made me excited for when I got to try it in the future with a man.

There were a couple other handjob videos that I watched and enjoyed. It turned out that it was material I really enjoyed watching while touching myself, and imagining be touched by a man. I even would try to time it so that I could give myself an orgasm at the same time as the man in the video. Imagine if I could manage something like that in real life! That would be so sexy.

Searching for handjob instruction ?

After finishing with the handjob instruction videos, I decided to move on to the video called “slowest ever.” This video was much more of a turn on than I thought it would be! It was really sexy to watch the man in the video experiencing a lot more pleasure than it seemed like should be coming from such slow, gentle touch. I learned lots of techniques I could use involving different aspects of a man’s body. There were so many slow and tender ways to touch men – on their penis, their testicles, their inner thighs, the patch of skin behind their testicles, and even their nipples and other sensitive places.

As I watched, I slowly explored my own body and fantasized about practicing the techniques I was learning with a new man. I had been thinking about looking for a man to play with for a long time, and I was so glad that I had found a video series that would help me feel more prepared for that interaction. I could tell that having all of this awareness ahead of time would definitely help me to seem like I have some idea what I am doing.

Next, I watched the video titled “Deprivation.” This information was complete news to me. I always thought that what women do in pornography – applying lots of friction and pressure to a man’s penis, using a lot of speed, sticking with the same up and down move… I used to think that is how this is done! This video really blew my mind when it comes to just how much pleasure can be experienced by a man with the smallest of touches.

Deprivation was all about just how much can be accomplished with the lightest and smallest of touches. This video was all about teasing, and building his pleasure to the point of his desired explosion. The amount of time what you can spend teasing a man, drawing out the build up to his ejaculation, is insane! It was also such a relief to learn that I didn’t have to expend so much energy to get a man off. It could be relatively easy.

These videos taught me how to observe a man’s body closely and follow the pleasure moving through his body. There are so many little tiny cues that a man’s body gives that indicate what is giving him pleasure, and where he wants more stimulation. There was a lot of instruction given on how to follow a man’s body’s cues, and I felt that was probably the most valuable part.

It was hard for me to imagine a more thorough teaching about handjob technique. There were a whole bunch of sessions to watch, and I had plenty of material to wade through so that I could feel ready to get to know a new man. It was a huge turn on to watch it all, and I got off several times while making my future pleasure plans.

The first time I met a man after watching this course, I had so much more confidence than I had before! I wasn’t nervous at all about getting involved with him in the bedroom, because I had so many different pleasure tools in my tool kit, that I felt like I was ready for any scenario. The feeling of that confidence was huge, because it allowed me to be so much more myself while on dates with him. I didn’t have nearly as much on my mind to be nervous about.

When we did eventually get intimate, I played around with all of the different techniques I learned in the handjob instruction videos. This new man was clearly very thrilled with my skills. I took my time, and I teased him for an extended period. By the time he ejaculated he had been ready to have an orgasm for quite a while. He was clearly happy and starry-eyed at the end of our pleasure session, and the best part was how much he wanted to reciprocate with similar technique.

After I gave him a nice and extended pleasure session, he was really excited to give me one of my own. He followed my lead, and slowly explored all of my sensitive places – my breasts, my inner thighs, my feet, pulling his fingers through my hair, and trailing his fingers along my labia, tickling my clit. It was very exciting to be touched that way, and it made me feel so juicy.

I showed this new man that there was also a series on the same website called “The Best She Ever Had,” and he ended up watching it for himself, so we both were totally loaded with information about techniques we could use to pleasure each other. It was incredibly hot to learn that he was equally invested in learning how to pleasure me, as I was in learning how to pleasure him.

These courses have led to the creation of what has ultimately been the most erotic and fulfilling sexual relationship of my life. All of the information we learned from the courses was so different from what is available to learn through something like pornography. These handjob instruction videos gave me a much more realistic idea of what to do to give a man a ton of pleasure.

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