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I Was Looking for Good Handjob Instruction and Found So Much More

I was looking for handjob instruction to teach me how to get better at giving hand jobs, and what I found was so much more! I didn’t have much experience being intimate with men, and I wanted to have some idea of what I was doing before getting involved with a man I really like. I didn’t want to seem like I had never done anything like that. I didn’t want to feel so awkward.

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Where are the videos

Where are the videos

It wasn’t until I went through my own sexual healing that I began to have such a deep interest in and admiration for erotic sex videos that actually show women having real pleasure. Going through my own reawakening of my juicy sexual energy helped me understand just how powerful a woman’s sexual energy is. It is potent and palpable when a woman is in her body, allowing all of the pleasure energy to circulate and build in her body, radiating off of her and stoking the vibe of everyone around her. It’s incredibly sexy, and faking that is next to impossible, once you learn to recognize what it actually looks like.



Testimonial: What I had been looking for several months ago, was a male masseuse who would do what you are doing. But that work I was looking for was much more vague in my mind. Had no idea exactly what I was looking for either. But when I stumbled on your site and read it, I was like, "Whhaaaaa?" It helped a ton that the very first thing I landed on with your page was a picture of you and a masseuse table, and writing that immediately started off saying what you do in a sentence or two and that it is FULLY LEGAL. Hahahahaha Then Life took my thoughts and priorities away from the...

Payment types

Payment types

Payment types   Zelle (preferred) Cash Check Venmo CashApp PayPal Cryptocurrencies (Any) Any Payments are for coaching, consulting, traveling, toys, personal goods (like lubricants or condoms) only. Practice sessions are free. See terms and Conditions

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Contact Us - Ask Rocky -  We love to hear from you! I actively respond to your Inquiries. (Usually within 2 hours.) Enter your inquiry here.I never sell or share your information or add you to a list of endless messages. We respond to all customer messages (usually the same day) and look forward to hearing from you! *** Note**** In the Message box, please feel free to describe any specific interests you have, type of experience you are looking for, if this is for you or someone else, etc.  I practice at least 50 themes, you have my permission to ask or say anything in this private...

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