erotic massage how to video
erotic massage how to video

The Erotic Massage How To Video That Changed My Game

After my divorce, and before I was really getting back into dating, I became interested in finding some Erotic Massage How To Videos that would teach me how to provide more fulfilling pleasure for women. I never really felt like I was able to do much for my ex wife in the bedroom. It didn’t help that she was pretty avoidant when it came to getting intimate, but even when I was given the chance, it didn’t really seem like I was able to give her a great time.

I was turning over a new leaf, and I wanted to improve my sexy skillset. I took to the internet, hoping to find a series of Erotic Massage How To Videos that would teach me not only how to be a better lover, but the kind of lover who can read a woman’s body language like a book.

Game-changing Erotic Massage How To Videos

I found a series of Erotic Massage How To Videos called “The Best She’s Ever Had.” The series included many examples of Erotic Massage How To Videos, including Erotic Massage How To Videos focused on the pussy, the clit or g-spot more specifically, breast massage, anal massage, and more. I was excited to learn about all the ways I could stimulate a woman, even before I had sex with her.

I settled in to watch the series, and it was tempting to pleasure myself while I was watching. The instructor demonstrated on real women, so the pleasure responses were real and were a big turn on to watch and listen to. It was also reassuring to know that I was watching women have real orgasms.

The first thing I took away from the Erotic Massage How To Videos is just how important it is to go nice and slow, and give a woman a chance to relax into receiving pleasure, in order for her to be able to feel pleasure to the fullest extent. Apparently when you go slow, and layer a lot of tiny sensations on top of one another, the overall experience becomes significantly more powerful for a woman.

The name of the game was to make a woman wait as long as possible for the culmination of her orgasmic release. The longer she has to wait, and the more layers of pleasure are layered over one another, the stronger a woman’s climax will be.

Many of the instructor’s techniques were based on very gentle touch, the point of which were to very slowly increase the stimulation. I was surprised to learn how little the instructor was actually using a firmer, pumping motion – something I had obviously utilized far too often during my marriage – it’s no wonder she never really acted like I was blowing her mind.

I watched the various Erotic Massage How To Videos, and then moved on to the sexual intercourse technique. When I was done watching the whole series, I felt like I was empowered with a lot of information I could take with me out into the dating market. I felt a lot more confident about how to perform sexually, so I wasn’t nearly as nervous about getting out there as I had been.

I decided to include on my dating profile that I was practicing my erotic massage skills, and I offered to simply give a massage to women, if that was the interaction they desired. So, my dating profile said that I was open for regular dates, and I was also open for erotic massage dates, if that called to anyone.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to work to attract any women, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received a few messages from women, who said that they were aching for some sexual attention, and that my profile stood out to them as quite intriguing. I set up three different dates after chatting with the women a bit.

When it was time to meet up with the first woman, we went out and had dinner together, then I accompanied her back to her place to give her an erotic massage. I asked her where she would like for there to be boundaries for the evening, and she said that she wanted to experience an erotic pussy massage, she wanted a full body massage, and she especially wanted me to pay attention to her feet.

She said that she was not interested in having sex that evening, and she would be able to relax more with just a massage – she wanted to just enjoy receiving pleasure from me that night. I was excited to practice my new skills.

Once we got settled at her place, I asked her if she was comfortable removing her clothes and lying down on the bed face down. She got herself comfortable, and I put some oil on my hands and started to rub her back a bit. I remembered to go nice and slow, and I brought the oil and my touch down along her arms, and the backs of her legs, using long and slow strokes, awakening her whole body with my touch.

I went down to rub her feet for a bit, and she was making soft little moaning pleasure sounds, especially when I rubbed between her toes. As I moved my way back up to rub the backs of her legs, I quickly dipped my fingers and dragged them along the insides of her thighs, before rubbing her butt a bit. She was breathing a bit faster, clearly enjoying what I was doing. I reached down to spread her legs open a bit wider, exposing her pussy to the open air and to my view. She gasped a little as she felt the air back there.

I invited her to roll over onto her back, and once again I dragged her legs open wider, watching her get excited as she watched me allow my gaze to fall on her pussy. I rubbed my hands up the tops of her thighs, around her hips, and up over her abdomen, then I moved up to massage her breasts for a while. I grazed the sides of her breasts, trailing my fingers underneath them, and dragging my finger tips across her hardened nipples.

As I gently gave each nipple an intricate mini massage, I reached down and tickled her clit with my other hand. She began to moan as I played with her clit and her nipples at the same time. Her hips bucked, and her body was convulsing with the little jolts of pleasure I was sending to her pussy. After I played this way for a little while, I moved down by her hips, and started to give her pussy my full attention with both hands.

With one hand, I grasped the sides of her clit through her labia and lightly rolled her hard little clit between my fingers. With my other hand, I spread lube all up and down her labia, until my finger found her vaginal opening. I eased my finger inside very slowly, while gently wiggling her clit between my fingers with my other hand.

Her pussy gushed with fluid as I slowly explored the inside of her vagina, first with one finger, then with two. I explored the inside of her pussy in circles, finally landing on her sensitive g-spot and putting rhythmic pressure there. I began to pump her clit with my other hand, jacking it off like it was a tiny penis. I matched rhythm with both hands, and watched and listened to her body for cues as I pumped away at her pussy, clearly driving her toward a powerful climax.

I kept with what I was doing and followed her body’s cues until she had a very big orgasm, and her body calmed down. When she was finally still and relaxed, I removed my hands. She was extremely pleased with the experience.

I went on to give more erotic massages to other women I met through the dating app, and I got really good at some of the techniques. I found a couple women who wanted to come back more than once, and get more adventurous with me. I’m at the point now that I feel completely confident that I could please a woman fully in a relationship. In fact, I suspect that I’m getting to the point where I may be the best she ever had. I’m definitely thankful I went searching for those Erotic Massage How To Videos!

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