About us Male for female sensual massage provider, Rocky Peterson
About us Male for female sensual massage provider, Rocky Peterson

About Us

I love what I do

Our about us is more about Rocky, as Rocky is our primary provider at this time.

But let’s qualify what I mean when I say this.   The key to unfolding inner wealth is love.  In other words, love is not just an emotion; it is the basis and the result of the blossoming of all your needs and talents.  So, when I say I love what I do, it aligns with the love I feel for my fellow human beings, for animals and plants, for things, events, and the planet we inhabit.  Love is not reserved for romantic partnerships; it is a way of encountering the world.

As humans the more our talents and needs are being realized, the greater the love and benefit to humankind — material gains are of no value if they do not support fulfillment of these needs and talents.

My experience has taught me that when you encounter the world with respect and love, you add to it. I choose to live in a world where a greater whole is created, a world of inclusion.

Each of us brings a unique talent to this world and if you think and feel like me, you know your talent is to be used to make the world a better place.   Hiding it is of no value! Which is why, despite how uncomfortable my choice makes others, I do what I do.  I am a sexual healer, sexual counselor, sexologist*.

So, who am I and how did I get into this healing arena?  First and foremost, my name is Rocky. I knew at an early age that I had a gift for energetic healing; relieving minor aches and pains for friends and family were my first experiences with this burgeoning gift.  As adulthood brought a surge of hormones, it naturally awakened my sexual needs and desires, so began my journey to understand sex and orgasm.

With this healthy curiosity of all things sexual and the ability to focus healing energy, I went about learning how to improve my sex life.  Yes, this began purely as a personal endeavor to improve my sex life. However, about 20 years ago, I was encouraged to apply my talents and gifts to healing others and Femspahhh.com was born.

Through 20 years of extensive research, I have come to understand the structures and mechanics of orgasm for human beings.  As a sexologist* my job is to use my talents and gifts to provide a safe environment for exploration, awareness, and ultimately a healthy understanding of one’s sexual power through orgasm.  But more importantly, I choose to be part of a rational adult conversation or dialogue about sex.  Not the whitewashed version we received in sex education courses, or the latest tips and tricks from a pop culture magazine so readily available.  All of which are poor substitutes for rational discussion and knowledge.

Instead, we discuss anatomy, its function, and thereby develop a comprehensive understanding and approach to obtaining orgasm.  For many, the healing properties of sensual pleasure are profound.  In addition to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and flooding your brain with oxygen, many clients find a renewed sense of personal power.  Orgasm is fundamental to our wellbeing as humans, treating it as anything other than an inalienable right for all is truly a sin.

Often my clients are curious how my work affects my relationship with my partner.  So let me tell you a bit about our relationship.  We have been together for nine years and derive great pleasure, warmth, and respect from the relationship we have created. Yes, she knows about Femspahhh and has since our second date, how’s that for a second date update 😉. She has been a continued source of support in growing my business by writing content such as this for my websites, she provides me with inspiration, and she warmly welcomes my clients.   In other words, she is fully aware and thinks what I am doing is, “f***ing fantastic.”

In conclusion, I am an ordinary man with a loving partner trying to make the world a better place the best way I know how.  I feel passionately about healing our psyche through sex, it is how we connect our lives with another, it is how we survive and ultimately thrive.  For too long, cultural mores have tried to control and dictate our attitudes about sex, and I firmly reject this influence.  I say, we start talking about orgasm like adults and enjoy the pleasure our bodies are designed to give us.

About Us Disclosure

* The terms Sexologist, sexual healer, sexual counselor are used colloquially, and holistically. Rocky does not possess a license or academic credentials. All appointments should be considered as Sexual activities between consenting adults.

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