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sex instruction

The Best Sex Instruction Porn Videos

I totally have a thing for sex Instruction porn videos. There is just something extra stimulating about learning how to give pleasure while the demonstration is nude. I like to be able to see all the little telltale signs that pleasure is real for a woman.

I have been developing my own collection of sex Instruction porn videos for years now. I love when I find something great to add to my collection, because curating videos that show real pleasure, along with valuable pleasure information, is a kink of mine.

I’m always scouring the internet, looking for new videos to add to my collection. It’s a really exciting day when I find a new resource that I can tell is going to be good.

One day, I took to the internet and looked up sex Instruction porn videos and I found a video course called “The Best She Ever Had.” I was so thrilled to discover a course that promised to teach a wide range of forms of stimulating women, with live demonstrations of everything. I felt like I found a treasure trove of viewing material.

As I perused the website looking at the descriptions of the sex Instruction porn videos, I got excited while looking at the wide variety of viewing options. There were videos focused on erotic massage for women, which was essentially a full body massage that culminates in a pussy massage. There were videos focused on other forms of massage, like breast massage and anal massage. There were videos focused on g-spot massage. There were videos focused on providing multi-point stimulation. There were videos focused on intercourse and penetration. There was even a sex Instruction porn video about double penetration.

I was so excited to watch an instructor take me through a demonstration of each of these techniques. Not only was I going to find some fascinating viewing material, but I was going to learn some new techniques to use in my own intimate interactions with women.

The best sex Instruction porn courses I’ve found!

I purchased the course and got myself set up for a little viewing party. I loved to watch the women in their pleasure, and pace my own self pleasure with the video. It was like a game – I would often edge myself, but not let myself have an orgasm until the woman on the video did. I could spend a good chunk of my in such activities, so I was definitely excited.

In my bedroom with my laptop, I decided which video I was going to view first. I wanted to start with the video focused on the simple erotic massage. It seemed like a strong foundation to build upon when it comes to pleasure skills. I got comfortable and pressed play.

The video began with a woman lying naked, face down on a massage table, and the instructor stroked her body from head to foot, using long slow strokes, while explaining the importance of allowing a woman to fully relax when she is receiving pleasure. Apparently, there is a pelvic nerve that is activated when she relaxes fully that effectively turns her whole body into a giant pleasure receptor.

I watched the woman’s body sink fully into the massage table, her breathing growing deeper and slower. The instructor took some time to sit up by her head and play with her hair and lightly massage her scalp. He explained how places that are normally not erogenous can become erogenous when a woman is fully relaxed.

The instructor went back to those long, slow body strokes, and then began to describe his teasing strategy. He dipped his fingers down along the sides of her breasts, lightly sliding his fingers across her nipples underneath her, and then down the sides of her waist. He rubbed around her hips, and lightly dragged his fingers along the skin in her butt crack, and down in between her thighs. He went down by her feet, and pulled each of her legs open wider, exposing her pussy and ass to view.

I could tell the woman was getting quite turned on at this point. Her breathing was getting more rapid and her body was getting a bit squirmy. The instructor explained that once again he was making a choice to slow things down, and he went to give some attention to her feet, gently sliding his fingers between her toes and finding all the spots that seemed to speak directly to her clit.

The instructor explained how his goal was to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible before she has an orgasm, giving her as many different forms of stimulation as possible before building her toward an orgasm. He purposely moved around her body to different places, not giving her too much in any one particular area.

From her feet, he moved his hands up the back of her legs and massaged her hips and butt cheeks. He slid his fingers down along her butt crack and up along the insides of her thighs. He softly dragged his fingers up along her labia, and gently tickled her clit. The woman’s body began to writhe a bit on the table, her hips rocking a little bit. It was a huge turn on watching her start to lose control of her body’s natural impulses. She was losing herself to pleasure – so hot.

As she began to get more and more turned on, he asked her to flip over on the table onto her back. Once again, he moved her feet open wider on the table, exposing her pussy to the open air and to the view of the camera. He once again treated her body to long slow strokes along the length of her body, and then he settled himself by her breasts.

It was highly erotic to watch him sit and play with her breasts, caressing the skin on the sides and undersides, gently stroking her nipples, making them harden under his touch. He occasionally reached down with one hand between her legs to slide his fingers along her labia and tickling her clit. I could tell by now the woman was losing her mind a bit. She was aching for her orgasm.

As her writhing became more intense, the instructor finally decided it was time to move down by her hips and focus his attention on her pussy. He described his slow and intentional movements, not allowing things to get too intense for her, still making her wait for her orgasm.

He slowly teased the outside of her vaginal opening, excruciatingly slowly dipping his finger inside her, a millimeter at a time. With his other hand, he slowly pinched and grasped at her clit. When she seemed to be close to an orgasm, he would slow down his movements.

His finger found her g-spot on the inside, and the woman began to moan. He found a rhythm and followed the flow of her body’s movements and he worked her up to a massive climax. It was so sexy watching her body convulse and vibrate with the pleasure of the huge orgasm she was having.

That first video was some really awesome viewing. I actually learned things about pleasuring women that I didn’t know before. It was very erotic to watch the slow build up of pleasure and just how long he managed to tease her before she had her big orgasm. I wasn’t aware of just how much pleasure could be had from such a simple and gentle touch.

I went on to watch more of the videos, and I found the anal massage video to be especially stimulating. I feel like that is an area of pleasure that is vastly underrated. In fact, that video made me curious about my own experience when it comes to anal pleasure. The skin back there is so sensitive, it’s easy to build a lot of pleasure in the body that way. I was definitely really intrigued to explore this whole arena.

This sex Instruction porn video series was quite the find for my collection, and it provided me with a lot of entertainment and Instruction. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become more familiar with women’s pleasure. I now have an epic collection that is sure to help me please a lot of women in my future. I look forward to the opportunities I will have to demonstrate and practice all the skills I’ve learned.

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