how to be more present during sex
how to be more present during sex

How To Be More Present During Sex

I used to have an incredibly low sex drive. It was a serious problem in my marriage, because my husband would want to have sex with me and I just never really felt like it. I didn’t have any desire in my body. He would try to touch me and I just never felt like anything he did felt good. It always felt too rough, like too much for me. I couldn’t muster much interest in anything. This led me to explore the topic of How To Be More Present During Sex.

It turns out that an excellent tool for How To Be More Present During Sex is yoni massage therapy. What I didn’t know is that a woman’s sex drive can shut down for so many different reasons. Sometimes it occurs as a result of trauma. Sometimes it happens because her energy is constantly being drained or depleted, and never replenished. Yoni massage can be a great way to pour good, healing energy into a woman who is seriously depleted or shut down entirely.

Yoni massage is a great answer for How To Be More Present During Sex because it is completely focused on the pleasure experience of a woman. A yoni massage therapist is solely interested in providing the specific forms of pleasure that a woman is interested in experiencing during a single session. This means that women are one hundred percent in the driver’s seat when it comes to what occurs during a session.

The opportunity to choose the experience is very healing for women, as is an experience that is centered around female pleasure. This is why this practice can be a good tool for How To Be More Present During Sex. The more a woman is open to receiving her desires, the greater her drive for sexual pleasure can become.

I knew that I no longer wanted to feel like my sex drive was dead, so I started to look into what yoni massage entails and how it might help me with the problems in my marriage. I discovered a local yoni massage therapist, and began to explore what it might look like to make an appointment with him.

Of course, I would have to talk to my husband about it and figure out a way to get him on board with all that would be involved in a yoni massage session. I was pretty sure that his level of frustration about our sex life would be motivating enough for him to be a bit open minded about this as a potential solution to our problem.

Yoni Massage as a tool for How To Be More Present During Sex:

I showed my husband a couple yoni massage videos. I explained to him that I was interested in this practice to discover more about what was actually pleasurable for me, and what would help me to have real, deep, satisfying orgasms. I asked him if he would be willing to explore learning about it? I explained to him that I really felt this would be a valuable tool in increasing my sex drive.

I proposed that he could come to a yoni massage appointment with me and we could learn together through the yoni massage practitioner what is most effectively pleasurable for me, and what makes me desire sex most. I acknowledged that it was a huge stretch for both of us, but that I knew we were both really hankering for a change in our sexual relationship. We couldn’t continue on unsatisfied.

My husband agreed to attend the appointment with me and we set it up. When we arrived, I was super nervous, but also so excited to explore what was possible for me. And, for the first time in my life, I was going to be at the center of attention of two men. That felt extremely erotic.

With the yoni massage practitioner, we discussed our goal of learning how to better communicate and be on the same page around pleasure. I wanted to learn how to ask for exactly what I want from my husband, and how to communicate it in a way that he could receive.

We began by discussing how important it was to get clear around what I actually desired when it came to pleasure. For some reason, it was much easier to give clear instruction to the yoni massage practitioner around what I wanted to experience sexually than it was with my husband. With the yoni massage practitioner, all I had to do was peruse a menu of experiences, and decide which sounded appealing and which I felt a bit repelled by.

In this more professional setting, it was actually a lot easier to gain clarity around what sounded good to me, and what sounded like it might not be so enjoyable. It felt easier to voice it, as well, almost like I was ordering it off of menu at a restaurant. It didn’t feel so tangled up in complicated emotions.

After the yoni massage practitioner and I had discussed my desires, he asked my husband if he had any questions or concerns. My husband was a bit nervous and uncomfortable, but he said he was there to learn and willing to be with his discomfort.

I removed my clothes and laid face down on the massage table. The yoni massage practitioner massaged my whole body in long, slow, sensual strokes. At first, there was no teasing, only lovely relaxing touch. Even this was something new, and not something that my husband and I had engaged with much. I told my husband that I loved how the slow, relaxing touch felt.

When I was fully relaxed, I began to feel a deep tingle of pleasure throughout my body. The sensation under the yoni massage practitioner’s hands intensified. My whole body felt electric.

That was when he began to tease me by sweeping his touch closer and closer to my genitals, just barely grazing them at times. My breathing increased, and so did my husband’s as he watched my level of turn on rise.

The yoni massage practitioner asked me to turn over onto my back. He ran his hands over the length of my body, sweeping gently across my breasts, and he pulled my legs apart, exposing my pussy. He swept his touch along my inner thighs, coming achingly close to my pussy.

I could tell that my husband was turned on while watching my turn on increase. He stared intently as the yoni massage practitioner began to tease my clit, and stroke my labia. The amount of pleasure I was feeling in my pussy was building intensely.

The yoni massage practitioner slowly gave more and more attention to my clit and he slid his finger inside my pussy. I writhed and moaned while he concentrated his efforts on my yoni, until I had a huge, full-body quaking orgasm.

After my husband and I returned home from the appointment, it was like our ability to talk about these things and connect around pleasure had been unlocked. He shared what his experience had been like in observing me, he shared that he saw lots of things he wanted to try. I shared all the things that allowed me to feel deeper pleasure than I had experienced before.

Over the following weeks, we continued to talk about pleasure, and to experiment with the different techniques that the yoni massage practitioner had demonstrated. My husband was finally able to give me a real orgasm, and I didn’t have to pretend anymore. It was so liberating and felt delicious!

On top of that, all of the awkwardness between us when it came to our intimate engagement had melted away. We were now about to talk about sex and pleasure without being weird or avoidant about it. In fact, talking about it was beginning to feel quite sexy!

Receiving a yoni massage dramatically shifted the experience of pleasure in my marriage. I became clear around the kind of touch and stimulation I truly enjoy, and my husband learned exactly what I find pleasurable. Our relationship has become so much deeper and more connected since we began connecting with each other’s bodies this way, and discussing our desires and our pleasure.

Yoni massage helped to increase my sex drive dramatically and healed a giant rift in my relationship – it allowed us to directly communicate in a new way, and life between us has not been the same since. I’m so glad I discovered this tool for How To Be More Present During Sex. The results have been life-changing for both of us.

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