female edging instructions
female edging instructions

Female Edging Instructions

A large portion of my work is what many people call edging. The concept is simple; pleasure while deliberately preventing orgasm beyond where orgasm is possible. This is about sexual physical control. Being played like an instrument for a longer period of time. Being teased. Foreplay that lasts.

I was doing edging before I ever even heard the term. I have always been disappointed at how fast an orgasm ‘could’ happen with not a great deal of effort. My disappointment is around the fact that a quick orgasm is like eating a cookie. It’s good, but not filling enough to last, and you want another almost as soon as it’s gone.

I wanted the experience of orgasm to last longer. To be a higher quality. So I learned to slow it down and savor it. I reasoned that if I like it like that, maybe my partner would too. I bought the course to watch the female edging instructions. So I endeavored to ‘tease’ my partner and make her wait for orgasm until I was ready for her to orgasm. She Loved It!

I loved getting to practice on her for longer. To explore her more thoroughly. To become more present and aware of what was happening for her. To control her experience in ways that were gently and softly intense. To see her body pulsing, contracting, and convulsing in amazing ways simply because I was slowing down her progression to orgasm.

There is no doubt in my mind that edging is one of the most amazing sexual experiences that human beings can experience. Frankly, I can never even find words to do justice to the excruciatingly good sensations derived from edging.

So to a very large degree, the techniques I teach in virtually all of my instructional videos includes some kind of edging as foundational material. I teach men to edge women, and I teach women to edge men. Of course same sex couples can also learn the techniques on their respective partners too. It’s about the receiver.

How do you do Female Edging?

That is the subject of my courses, “The Best She’s Ever Had” and “The Best He’s Ever Had” where I show you hundreds of ways to touch your partner, that feel insanely good, while at the same time, monitoring their progress to orgasm sufficiently to control it from happening until you decide to let it happen. Watch “The Best She’s Ever Had” to see my female edging instructions

You can certainly tease your partner or use deprivation to control their orgasm. What I show you is years of experience practicing these techniques in specific ways that are simply not intuitive for most people. Much of what you will learn is how to control yourself. When it comes to sex, we go crazy and hit it hard. That’s certainly exciting some times. But it is the opposite thing to do for the edging experience.

To control your partner, we have to show you how to control your impulses to give them too much too soon. It’s not only not hard to do, it actually makes pleasing your partner, LESS WORK for you most of the time. Less is more. You may have heard that before. In edging it is an absolute truth most of the time.


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