instructional sex videos for men to learn to be better lovers
instructional sex videos for men to learn to be better lovers

The instructional sex videos that Saved My Sex Life

I was searching for  instructional sex videos that would show me everything that I needed to know to be a better lover. I felt really at a loss when it comes to how to please a woman, and the few times I had tried, I felt pretty awkward about it. I thought I had been doing okay, but a woman I was seeing for a while let me know that she wasn’t exactly satisfied, and it sent me into a bit of an anxious tailspin. I started to question everything I knew.

I wanted to find a resource that I could trust to teach me how to make sure that a woman is actually experiencing pleasure in association with what I do. I suspect that some of the women I have been with in the past had maybe been faking their pleasure. I wanted to learn how to be sure that what I was doing was working.

I had a new woman that I was interested in, but I was feeling so insecure about my past experience, that I had been putting off getting into situations where we could get intimate, because I just didn’t have the confidence. I could tell she was beginning to wonder if I was really interested, and I didn’t want to lose my opportunity to connect with her.

I was serious about learning better technique, and learning more about how women experience pleasure, so I took to the web to do a search for sex ed video courses. I wanted to find something that would show me a wide range of things, ideally with live demonstrations. I wanted to see real women experiencing real pleasure, so I could learn what to watch for with the woman I wanted to pleasure in real life.

I found  instructional sex videos called “The Best She Ever Had.” The  instructional sex videos were created by a man who wants to help partners of women learn how to provide pleasure for them in as many creative ways as possible. There were a lot of videos, and apparently the collection is ever-evolving, so he adds new content as he creates it. That was pretty cool to have an opportunity to check in, down the road, and learn more.

Searching for amazing instructional sex videos?

There were a number of videos demonstrating a basic yoni massage, or erotic pussy massage for women. It was recommended to begin by viewing those, to get a thorough understanding of the basics involved in providing powerful pleasure to a woman. Beyond the basics, there were videos about exploring with toys, videos covering more focused massage techniques, like breast massage or anal massage. There were videos focused on double penetration with toys, and videos about incorporating spanking. There were also intercourse technique videos and anal sex videos.

I had a plan to binge through the videos, and spend some time with myself really absorbing the content. I got myself set up, and turned on the first video, of a basic full body erotic massage. I had a feeling that watching a woman receive real pleasure was going to be a big turn on.

At the beginning of the first video, the man had a woman lie face down on his massage table. He began by stroking her body from head to toe, with long, slow strokes with both of his hands. He applied light pressure, and talked about how he was just focused on waking up her skin, bringing more blood flow throughout her body, and also heightening her awareness of the sensations she feels throughout her body. The woman on the table began to relax, and her breathing slowed and deepened. He spent some time massaging her scalp and playing with her hair.

He talked about how important it was to start with loving, non-sexual touches, to allow a woman an opportunity to relax into her body and bring her mind present to the sensations she is experiencing. This allows her a chance to feel things more intensely when the more sexual touches begin.

Once the woman was fully relaxed, he began sweeping is hands slowly into her more sensitive places, to tease her a bit and begin to heighten the sensations she is experiencing. He dipped his hands down along the sides of her breasts, and the sides of her waist. The tips of his fingers teased the edges of her nipples just underneath her body. He brought his fingers along the skin of her butt crack, playing with the tiny hairs in that sensitive area.

He pulled her feet open wider, exposing her pussy to his and the viewer’s view, and let his fingers play along the crease of her inner thigh and the outside of her labia. He very lightly tickled her clit with his fingertips. The woman bucked her hips slightly and her body writhed around on the table a bit. Her breathing had increased in speed significantly, and I could tell she was really ready for some more concentrated erotic touch.

Before he got too serious about touching her genitals, the man took a break and focused on her feet for a bit, softly and slowly touching the space between her toes. He explained how when a woman is fully activated and turned on, there are little spaces on her feet that send pleasure signals directly to her clit. I could tell from the woman’s reactions that the foot massage was far more pleasurable than usual.

He asked her to roll her body over onto her back, and he worked his way from her feet, after spreading them wide again, up the fronts of her legs, around her pussy and up to her breasts. He skipped over her pussy mainly and went straight to softly caressing the skin around her breasts. He softly stroked the outsides and the undersides, watching the skin tighten around her nipples. While the woman breathed heavily and moaned, he tweaked her nipples gently between his fingers.

As he massaged her breasts, he occasionally reached down between her legs to tickle her clit. He explained how giving her multiple points of pleasurable contact increased the intensity of things for her significantly. The woman’s body trembled occasionally, and her hips rocked back and forth.

He talked about how important it is to go slow and tease, and to make a woman wait as long as possible for her practically inevitable orgasm with this technique. The longer you can make her wait for orgasmic release, the more potent her orgasm will be.

When he was finally ready, the man settled himself down by her hips and prepared to focus on pleasuring her pussy. He lubed his fingers up and softly grasped and fingered her clit with one hand, while using his other hand to explore the opening of her vagina. He talked about the importance of going achingly slowly and paying attention to which places elicited a powerful response in her body.

I watched and learned from him as he steadily moved her further into orgasmic bliss, rhythmically pumping with one hand, and stroking with the other. The woman had a huge orgasm that had her shaking from head to foot. The man provided some aftercare for a bit, tenderly holding her intimate places, until her breath returned to normal.

It was so exciting to watch the first video, I dove into the subsequent ones and binged the lessons. It was particularly exciting to watch the videos that included intercourse. When I was finished watching, I felt like I had a really solid range of practices to use with the woman I was interested in, and I felt so much more confident about my ability to really provide her with mind-blowing amounts of pleasure.

I set a date with the woman I was interested, and I felt like I was able to really impress her with the ways I touched her. I could tell that her pleasure was genuine, and I felt proud for how much I was able to knock her socks off.

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How to Please a Woman Porn

how to please a woman porn

I went on to watch the rest of the videos in the series and I learned a tremendous amount about how to please a woman. The next time I had an opportunity to connect with a woman that way, it was a completely different experience for me. I felt confident, I felt like I had some new skills to play with and also some tools for talking to a woman about what she enjoys. I would not have guessed that I would get to experience such confidence, given where I started. I am amazed!

Sex Tips For Guys

Sex Tips for Guys

I continued watching the rest of the course and I learned enough good sex tips for men to feel like a much more confident lover. I felt like I knew what to do to give a woman’s body real pleasure. I was no longer worried about looking like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m excited to explore my new skills with a new woman.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

Instructional Course on How to Make a woman Orgasm

I now feel like I have a complete pleasure tool kit available to me to utilize when I find myself in the right situation. I no longer feel like I have no idea how to make a girl orgasm. Now, it seems relatively simple – just pay attention to her body and notice what she enjoys! I can’t wait until I get a chance to play around with my new skillset.

How to Make a Women Cum

Online educational course on How to Make a Women Cum

I am now equipped with plenty of education when it comes to how to make a girl cum. I’m really excited to practice with a woman and show off my new skills. This video course is incredibly thorough, and taught me so much.

How To Use A Bullet Vibrator

How To Use A Bullet Vibrator

My mind was blown! The introduction of the toys gave me the most powerful series of orgasms. Suddenly my body came alive with pleasure and I was feeling things I hadn’t felt in years. I absolutely loved everything my husband learned in the video series, but especially the one on how to use sex toys. I’m so happy we had that experience.

Sexual Massage Videos

Male for Female instructional Sexual Massage videos course

I was beyond excited to try the new sexual massage skills I learned with my wife. I couldn’t wait to get her feedback on the various techniques, and to learn which parts of her body elicited the greatest pleasure response. I knew she would be really stoked to learn that I had some new techniques in my skill set. She is always enthusiastic about trying new things in the bedroom.

Softcore Sex Relationship Video

Softcore Sex Relationship Video Courses

I was beyond excited to check out the rest of the softcore videos in the course. There were sure to be a lot of examples of really sexy orgasms that were genuine. I absolutely love watching a woman’s body for pleasure cues, and this course gave me so many opportunities to view that. I highly recommend it.

Tips For Anal

Female sensual or erotic tips for anal

Following along with the video was sexy as hell, and I am hoping we will keep doing it in future pleasure sessions with the other videos. We learned so much about anal training. We’ve needed some new material for our sexy time, and I was completely thrilled with our first experience.

Anal Massage

Sensual and erotic anal massage instructional video course

I felt like a boss for giving her such an incredible time, and I think anal fingering will become a regular thing in our sexual escapades. There is so much more to explore and experiment with!

Sensual Massage for Wife

How to instructional Sensual Massage for wife

My husband and I kept watching the other videos in the course and following along, and we had a great time learning lots of new ways my husband can provide me with pleasure. I’m so glad I searched for a video to teach me a sexual massage for her. Our sex life has improved so dramatically. I’m thankful!

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